What Causes Program Errors?

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Are my Device Drivers Causing Errors?

Device drivers can create errors with a computer’s performance for a number of unrelated reasons. No matter which reason lies behind the problem, frustration occurs as the computer continues to refuse to run properly. In some case, the problem will be a minor one that only affects a single device. Yet in others, it can be a dilemma that creates an entire array of problems.

Common Program Errors

  • Abnormal program termination
  • Add/Remove programs error
  • Program startup error
  • C++ Runtime error
  • Program runtime error
  • Disk error checking program
  • Program end error
  • Program not responding

Outdated Drivers no longer supported for your Device

Perhaps one of the most common reasons behind device driver errors is the need to update your drivers, especially when you update your operating system. This isn’t a strategy that comes to mind readily. After all, the device drivers have been working all along so there didn’t seem to be any need to think about it. Plus, reminders for updates are often scheduled to be sent out and received by those who need them.

Corrupt files lead to Program Errors

Another one of the reasons behind faulty device drivers is the presence of a corrupt file or the absence of a file entirely. An improper shutdown could be the culprit here. Whenever a computer is shutdown without going through the proper motions, files can become lost or damaged. Corrupt files when discovered by the manufacturer will lead to a release of a new updated driver.


Another culprit behind faulty device drivers is an incompatibility among software applications or drivers that are currently installed on the computer. This is one of the most important reasons behind the suggestion that consumers check the system requirements for any new peripherals they select to add onto their computers.

Manufacturer problems

As alluded to under the corrupt files paragraph above, a faulty device driver can be blamed on the manufacturer. This problem is generally addressed quickly with a replacement driver for the device.

Additional Driver Issues

Finally, human error can also be blamed on occasion for faulty device drivers. All too often, the hand is quicker than the eye and a necessary file is accidentally deleted. With the absence of a necessary file, the device is not going to function.

The first signs that are noticed when a device driver is damaged, missing, or outdated is that the device to which it belongs no longer works properly if at all. The best strategy around this problem is to update your device drivers if they are outdated or reinstall them if they are damaged.

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